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Why is it called Hacienda de Oro?

The name is inspired by the revolutionary era when owning a Hacienda was a privilege that only Spanish descendants owned, however, when the family acquires an old farm thanks to their efforts working the land, they realize that no dream was impossible.

Our History

The family has been involved in the Tequila Industry since our great-grandfather, being his son Don Enrique who became a Tequilero, followed by his children and grandchildren.

Mission: Now the company seeks to develop experiences that demonstrate the cultural richness of Mexico through Tequila and its derivatives or complements.

Vision To obtain international recognition for the quality of its products and our commitment to the community.

Our values


Performing our responsibilities with a focus on good results, giving our best to grow every day.


Updating our knowledge and adapting to the needs of the market, taking care of good practices and the experience inherited from generation to generation.


Respecting the values with which we have grown, working in an environment of respect, solidarity and honesty to achieve a better teamwork and a high quality service.


We work with discipline and perseverance, managing to bring a quality product to different corners of the planet, in addition to helping entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams of venturing into the tequila industry.


We believe in a world where industries can create a positive impact on society, which is why we reaffirm our commitment to responsibility, creating jobs, activities that promote sports and sustaining environmental responsibility that help our community and provide a better quality of life for all.